Removal of large tree in Brookline with crane

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

The cost of tree removal relies on many variables, not simply type of tree, size or location.  Some of the factors the arborist considers during an assessment when providing a price for the service include the following:

  • What structures are around the tree and how much risk for potential damage is there around- the closer proximity the structures, the more cautious they have to be when rigging, cutting and lowering, which increases the time it takes to dismantle the tree
  • ​How large is the tree and how much of the tree can be chipped or how much will have to be removed as logs. Of course the larger the tree the more wood there is to remove, transport and dispose of.  The more of the tree that can be chipped, the less it will cost since we can fit more chips in a truck than logs and it is also significantly cheaper to dispose of it at the waste facility.  Logs take longer to load and remove from the property, they also cost us much more to dump it at the waste facility since they price by weight when it comes to the logs.
  • Can the tree be accessed using a bucket truck or will it have to be climbed- climbing takes longer due to setting up safety lines for the climber to be secured to, this increases time and potentially cost.  If it can just be "cut and flopped" that is even less costly since it takes out the need for both a bucket truck and climbing because it is just one cut on the ground then clean up.
  • What other heavy equipment could be necessary such as a crane or bobcat can also impact cost.
  • How long it will take to take down the tree and remove it from the property- of course the longer they are there, the more hours the crew is paid for, the more gas that is being used, etc.  

Removal of a large tree in Westwood also by rigging technique

Tree removal in Jamaica Plain also using climbing and rigging system

Can I cut branches from my neighbors tree if the branches are hanging over my property?

Legally, anything that crosses onto your property you can do what you would like with it.  This also applies to the air above your property since you own your property and the air above your property that comes with it, therefore, anything in that air- such as tree limbs- you can legally remove. However, it is common courtesy and good etiquette to let your neighbor(s) know that you are having tree service done that will involve a tree that is rooted on their property.    


Questions frequently asked by homeowners before service

Tree removal in Brookline with a crane

Tree removal with bucket truck 

Tree service in Newton using a rigging technique

How soon are you able to provide service for emergency storm damage from fallen trees?

We provide emergency tree removal services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If a tree has fallen on your house or has broken creating a risky situation, we can get someone over there the same day/night to make the area safe and to prevent more damage.  The entire storm clean up may not take place at that moment since the priority is safety, but we can typically get the complete tree and debris removed within the week.

See the below images where we provided 24 hour emergency tree removal services in West Roxbury, Canton and Weymouth.